Offers in Evia.

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One-day cruise from Piraeus

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Chalcis in Evia

Chalcis. Chalkis, an “island” in Evia with road access In the island, you can experience beaches with sand and pebbles, ouzo restaurants, endless walks, friendly atmosphere and it is only one … Read more

Sifnos of Cyclades

Sifnos of Cyclades Sifnos is a true delight for all the senses. When you’re in love, you must go to Sifnos. If your vacation is oly for a few days, … Read more


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Aegina, an oasis near Athens

Aegina … A paradisiac island near Athens, suitable for travel excursions throughout the year, even for a single weekend! Aegina is the second largest island in the Saronic after Salamis, … Read more


Crete is the largest Greek island, and one of the most magnificent and multidimensional islands of the Mediterranean sea. Reality and mythology, the combination of tradition and modern make Crete … Read more

A Different Nafplio

Nafplio is not just about Palamidi or Bourtzi. It’s not just about bars or cafeterias. Nafplio is the place that tells the natives apart when the tourists are not around. … Read more