Sifnos of Cyclades

Sifnos of Cyclades

Sifnos is a true delight for all the senses. When you’re in love, you must go to Sifnos. If your vacation is oly for a few days, you just have to go to sifnos, to make them more. Even a little time in Sifnos can give immense joy in your soul. We certainly did not expect “National Geographic” to rank Sifnos the ninth island under the sun. Our Sifnos was born for the sun and its joys.

Sifnos Beaches.

Every beach in Sifnos is free, without needing to buy a ticket. Only the chairs may be rental at some beaches, such as Vathi.

Platis Gialos in Sifnos.

Beautiful beach with shallow waters, but exceptionally, for a beauty called Sifnos, this settlement is not well built, and is not picturesque at all.

Vathi in Sifnos.

Vathi beach has really shallow waters. Furthermore, the more you move inward, the shallower the waters become. It’s a huge, vast, beautiful sandy beach.

Faros in Sifnos.

Faros, is a very picturesque place, with nice restaurants. Across that there are also Fasoulou and Glyfo which are beaches just as beautiful.

Chrissopigi in Sifnos.

Chrissopigi, is a monastery on a cliff above the sea. It’s a beach with deep water. You can enter from a sand path or a rock path. It’s an amazing place.

Kamares in Sifnos

Kamares is near the port. Nevertheless, the sea is clean there too, because wastewater treatment works. The only drawback is that when Kamares catch air, it raises strong waves.

Cherrosnissos in Sifnos

It is a vary nice place for a good trip. The peninsula is a very exclusive beach with shallow waters.

Epta Martyres

It’s a small rocky coast north of the castle, in front of the Chapel of the Seven Martyrs.


It’s  fantastic place across the Castle. The beach is rocky with crystal clear, deep waters.