One-day cruise from Piraeus

For you who have less free time, but dream of a trip to an island, can you think of anything better than a cruise in, not one, but three of the Argosaronic islands?

If so, take advantage of the opportunity and live a unique experience by making an one-day cruise from Piraeus! You will have the chance to spend a memorable day in the crystal blue water of the Saronic Gulf and discover the most picturesque destinations near the capital.

The islands you can visit is Hydra, aka “the most fascinating rock of the Saronic Gulf”, the kingly Poros, where the Greek film “Alice in the Navy” was shot and of course, Aegina, famous not only for its renowned peanuts, but also, for its unique attractions!

The idea of an one-day cruise fascinates, because apart from sunbathing and relaxing on the deck, with the sea breeze refreshing you, you don’t need to worry about anything else. Everything is designed and organized by the staff of the cruise ship to spend your day.

While you are having fun on the deck, the ship’s Chef creates your lunch, which you will be served at the restaurant. But these are not the only services that will be provided to you while you’re on board. Those who do not wish to be on deck throughout the journey, will encounter a pleasant surprise inside the ship, while, for your entertainment, an orchestra with a wide repertoire of songs will be playing until you return to Piraeus.

Both within the cruise and its stops on the various islands, the fun is guaranteed, since your escorts have planned everything. For those who want to explore the island states and the old cobbled streets, there is enough time before the departure from each island, but also for those who desire to see some sights, which are located further away from the harbor, there are organized tours, which you can choose during the trip.

The good thing about cruises is that they give you direct access to beaches that are not accessible by feet or car and that they show you hidden sides of the islands, which you would not have the chance to admire in any other way.

Porors, first of all, has golden beaches with pine trees and the unique Lemon Grove to walk around and admire the view. In the harbor, it has plenty of cafeterias, bakeries and shops to buy souvenirs and while all roads lead to the famous clock, when you get there do not forget your camera to capture the scenery with the channel and the coast of Peloponnese across the island.

Hydra is renowned both for its distinctive architecture and its social life. Hydra, the island where the movie “The Boy and the Dolphin” with the famous Sophia Loren, was shot, attracts many celebrities. For this reason, do not be surprised if you see familiar faces of the show business when you walk or ride the donkey to the hills of the island, passing by the mansions of Kountouriotis and Tombazis.

To conclude, Aegina, the island of poets and painters, is full of museums and great monasteries of the ancient times and the Byzantine period to visit with the convoy of a guide of the ship. Do not leave the island without tasting its peanuts as they are indeed renowned throughout the world, just to complete your one-day cruise from Athen