Chalcis in Evia

Chalcis. Chalkis, an “island” in Evia with road access

In the island, you can experience beaches with sand and pebbles, ouzo restaurants, endless walks, friendly atmosphere and it is only one hour away from Athens. It’s a perfect little getaway for the weekend. Are you still here? We are off toChalcis!


Suppose then that you have booked a room across the Papathanasiou Beach. You arrive Friday afternoon so that you have the whole weekend ahead of you. Then, you wake up Saturday morning and get crazy. From your window you can see up to fifty yachts coming from the Yacht Club heading to Liani Ammos. White, yellow, red and blue sails. The city has one of the best canoe clubs. But, that is only for Summer. In winter, if you find yourself here in the weekend, you may see a family of dolphins. They have their “job” here too. They go every morning all the way to the fish market and back. The time is almost constant, at around 8. Not all days, though. Are you dreaming? No. You are inChalcis.


Chalkis is made for walking. Across the Papathanassiou Beachis the grove of the Lighthouse, which is ideal for walks. It has picnic tables and a playground. The forest is on a hill and offers a magnificent view of the Red House and the Bridge of Chalkis.

It is impossible to be in Chalkis and not go out for a walk. Every turn you take, you encounter small bays with very quaint cute marinas made by the fishermen of every neighborhood. Walking along the seaside by the Papathanasiou Beach, you catch a slope and reach the center of the city Chalcis Beach. Here no cars are allowed. It’s a pedestrian zone with cafeterias, taverns and ouzo restaurants all the way to the bridge.