Aegina, an oasis near Athens

Aegina … A paradisiac island near Athens, suitable for travel excursions throughout the year, even for a single weekend!

Aegina is the second largest island in the Saronic after Salamis, and has an area of 83 square kilometers. Access from the port of Piraeus is easy as it is just 16 nautical miles away. It is worth noting that in the Aegina municipality includes its nearby islands.

Aegina is a beautiful island, famous for its natural vegetation and the famous pistachios, that the residents praise themselves for, at the foreign visitors!  Of course apart from the famous pistachios, the island grows figs, grapes and almonds, while also impressive is its fauna, which includes rabbits, foxes and badgers!

The islanders are more than welcoming, and you can try a variety of local and traditional cuisine, and also drink your ouzo overlooking the clear blue waters.

The picturesque island of Aegina.

As soon as someone steps foot on Aegina he cannot help but notice the church of St Nikolas, who is an implied “welcome” on the island! The neoclassical houses that were built when Aegina was the capital of Greece, the mansions, the narrow streets, the traditional shops and the taverns create a friendly environment for its visitors, while a ride on horses and carriages can make you feel like you have traveled in another era!

This is undoubtedly an island known for its picturesque beauty, which attracts both Greeks and foreign tourists!

Although the Aegina’s way of life feels like that of a village, the nightlife holds an equally important place in a cosmopolitan island like Aegina! The “spots” of the island are many and in almost every backstreet you will discover one, depending on what you’re looking for!

Depending on the area you choose to stay, the beaches have small or large bays, while the climate is just what you need either in winder or summer, since there are no extreme weather events throughout the year.

In summer the beaches of Marathon and Agia Marina are the most popular destinations to enjoy the sunset and the sea, or to engage in water sports, but of course without someone missing the “hidden” treasures of going for swimming without many tourists next to him.

In fact, if you find yourself in Agia Marina in Aegina on 17 July, It’s a must to visit the festival area! Furthermore, for those who want to explore the culture of the island, the options range from the Museums (Archaeological, Historical, etc.) to the cathedral and various churches, and ruins throughout the island of Aegina … In Aegina lived some of the greatest Greek like Theodoros Kolokotronis, Nikos Kazantzakis and Charilaos Trikoupis whose homes can be visited.

After all this are you even thinking about a reason not to visit the island of Aegina in this year’s holidays?