Pelion, the summer residence of the gods

Pelion, the summer residence of the gods

It’s no wonder that from all over Greece, the twelve gods of Olympus had chosen Pelion for their holidays.

Pelion, known since the ancient times as the magical land of the Centaurs, rises imposing and brightly green overVolos, between Pagasitikos Kolpos and the Aegean Sea.

It is located 215 km from Thessaloniki and 320 km from Athens.  You can go to Pelion by plane by reaching the International Airport of Nea Anchialos in Volos or from Skiathos Αirportand then arrive in Pelion by hydrofoil.

Of course Pelion can be reached by bus, which connects all the villages and beaches together or by car which will give you more flexibility in exploring the place.

Pelion offers visitors literally everything they had dreamed for their holiday. It is blessed with unsurpassed mythical beauty, golden – sand beaches with crystal clear waters, beautiful green landscapes, crystal springs and imposing peaks.

The beaches of Pelion belong in the most famous beaches inGreece, because apart from the clear blue waters and the combination of mountain and sea, there were filmed some of the most impressive shots of the famous foreign film “Mama Mia».

In all the villages you will find plenty of taverns and restaurants to enjoy nice meals, and stores to buy products for home.

Also, Pelion is one of the most suggestive options for your holiday if you want to have some real fun. There are many nightclubs for all tastes, theatrical performances during the summer and concerts of major artists.

The villages of Pelion

In Pelion there are more than 70 pictures que villages built in the traditional Pelion architecture, cobblestone streets, bridges, mansions and well-built traditional hotels that await you.

The distances of the various regions of Pelion from Volos are not too great. However, due to the steep and sometimes inaccessible terrain, especially to the north, access is only possible by the ring road. For that reason, this summer, all beautiful but in accessible beaches are now accessible by boat.

All large villages of Pelion, such as Makrinitsa, Zagora, Vizitsa, Milies, Portaria, Trikeri and Tsagarada are literally museums of folk art and architecture. The tower – houses, the king styled temples with the exquisite icons, the breezy squares with trees, the cobblestone backstreets, the stone fountains and the bridges are just some of the sights you must not miss!

Nature in Pelion

Aside from all these, the nature paradise in Pelion is the one that attracts so many visitors. In all the routes you will make, you will have close to you the natural vegetation that descends until the shores of the Aegean.

In Pelion grow over a thousand species of plants and a significant number of birds and animals such as bear and wolf are protected.

Also in winter when the snow decorates the mountains of Pelion, you can visit the only ski center in Greece with view to the Aegean Sea, in Agriolefkes, 2 km from Hania. In the many different tracks it has, you will be able to test your limits on the track of endurance, to snowboard, alpine ski, and even night ski.

Those who go on holiday in Pelion, regardless of the season they choose to visit, are always fascinated and end up coming back to their favorite places.