Astros of Kynouria – Paralion Astros

Astros Coastal is a mere 2-hour drive from Athens(170 km) either if you go by car or bus. Astros of Kynouria leaves you with no excuses for not going. That‘s why it has it’s share of loyal fans, going steadily on weekends throughout the year and, of course, in the summer for swimming. If you live in Piraeus, you can get a flying dolphin and you’ll be there is less that a couple of hours.


There is nothing but hotels and rooms to let, in Astros Coastal. However you must have in mind a very important detail, concerning summer: If you manage to book a room near the beach – Right on the east side of Astros – you will have the luxury to go back to your room without having to feel any heat, as well as the following valuable asset: On the east coast of Paralio Astros usually blows from noon until late afternoon, an amazing baht. As a result you don’t even feel the heat. This asset does not apply to buildings located deep within the beach. It is there, where you understand that Astros in the summer is HOT! Of course, for this very reason, it is worth to pay a little more for a room above the waves. The other solution is to get what you can in Astros and spend most of the day in the beaches, which, is either way a very good idea when you’re in Astros.

Every hotel in Astros of Kynouria
Anigraia Hotel

Anigraia is located in Kato Vervena of Astros Coastal and has traditionally styled apartments with fireplace and a balcony with view on the Argolic bay. The pool offers view on the countryside, and free Wi-Fi is available throughout the property. Breakfast is served in the dining room or in the apartments. Traditionally, home-cooked meals are provided on request, while free homemade wine is also offered. Palaiochano beach is 1.5 km away, while the Astros Coastal with restaurants and shops is 2.5 km. Excursions in Nafplio and Mycenae are organized 30 km. away.

Astros Beach Hotel.

The Astros Beach Hotel is a short distance from the harbor, in the central square of Astros Coastal.
Overlooking thebay ofArgos and mountainous part of the village, the Astros Beach Hotel offers accommodation with view of the medieval castle or the sea.

The Astros Beach Hotel servs coffee and drinks in the relaxing atmosphere of the roof garden. The restaurant offers a variety of Italian and Mediterranean cuisine and a selection of drinks, which you can enjoy in the outdoors, picturesque square.

The guests are offered easy access to the pristine beaches of Astros, of 14 km. length. The Parnon ecological park is a 10-minute drive.



First of all, let’s make clear that Astros has two kinds of beaches. Astros Coastal is a star-shaped peninsula, which locals call the “island”. That nickname is not completely irrelevant since a thousand years ago, that peninsula was indeed an island. From generation to generation, since the Neolithic Age when Astros was first inhabited came that characterization.

If you are an early swimmer , the best beach on the east side (with a blue flag!) is Callisto. If your soul can bear early waking, you will swim in pure waters in a clear sea of serenity alongside the permanent 5-6 morning swimmers of old age. Then you can drink your coffee and take your breakfast in the cafe / restaurant “Callisto.” The Callisto beach is part of a two and a half kilometers coast. In the afternoon though, the baht takes place and things become uncomfortable there.

When that time comes, you can just go the other side of the “island”, which is also 2-3 km length, from Atsingano until Vervena. Vervena is the first beach you encounter when you enter Astros. You will find shallow water and umbrellas as to all the beaches of Astros.

Atsinganos is the most “in” beach for babies aged 2 to 40 years. There is shallow water for the first class of babies and beat music from the beach bars for older “babies”.

For quieter situations, you can go to Portes. It’s a 3-minute drive from the central Astros or 10 minutes by bike. There are clearer waters, Eucalypti and a canteen for snacking and drink your coffee. Until the sun sets, everything there is magical. Afterwards, you can get your stuff and go or else you will be at the merci of the mosquitoes.


In the Mediterranean Astros (4 kilometers from Astros Coastal), it is worth visiting the Archaeological Museum. It’s nice to know that there are places in Greece with continuous presence of residents from the Neolithic Age.

Next to the Archeological Museum is the school where the second National Assembly took place during the Revolution against the Turks.

There were three merchant brothers, the Zafeiropouloi, one of whom vowed never to cut his hair until the Turks leave from Astros. The three brothers barricaded themselves in the castle, across the shores of Astros Square and the Castle was never stepped by the Turks. In mid-August the liturgy is beautiful in the Castle Church, in Panagia Evaggelistra. The courtyard has view all over Astros, including the Mediterranean and the valley of olive trees. But beware, unless you go up from the stairs and go by car, be sure to keep on the right way, because if you make a mistake at some point you have no visibility and you won’t be able to see other drivers.

The castle doesn’t have a guard and you don’t need to pay a ticket, so you can go wherever you want.


In the beach taverns you can always find fresh fish and seafood, because in Astros they fish every day. From autumn onwards, you can order cooked Greek vegetable food in all the taverns.

On the east coast, known taverns are the “Aura”, the “Ippokeros”, the “Steki” and the “Mavroyiannis.” For cooked food, there is “Lagoudera”. In Atsingano, there is “Glyfada”, and the “Little Paradise”.

If you’re in a motel or a room to let, you can shop even on weekends at the supermarket of Fletzeri and Grammatikakis, and for even more variety, you can go to the Mediterranean Astros in Panagiotopoulos.


Among the dozens of cafeterias you meet side by side on the beach, the best is the one in Astros Beach Hotel, beneath the Castle and the “Cannava” on the sea.
In the evening you can go for a drink at the “Actus” (open air bar with pool) in Atsingano or, if you go another season and do not want to sit outside, go to “Sail In”, which is a roofed bar.

In lte July it is worth a trip to go to Leonidio (55 km from Astros Coastal) for the Eggplant Festival. Whatever you can imagine … from eggplants!
Loukou is about 7 kilometers with the monastery of the Metamorfosi Sotiros (the fifteenth of August it is literally full!).
Around 8 km from the Astros, it is worth to visit the nature preserve grape.

At 35 km is the Monastery of Malevi. At about the same distance is the amazing St Peter andKastriVillages. Kastanitsa, at 37 km is a good idea in October, when the Chestnut Festival takes place. At about the same distance is also Prastos. If you miss the city,Tripoli, is 45 kilometers away from Astros and is 42 km is Tolo. A very good and easy trip is to Nafplio, in 32 km.