Offers in Evia.

Evia is a beloved destination for many holidaymakers, every season of the year, as it gives you many options with low cost, since it is literally next to Athens.

Don’t forget that Evia is an island with fantastic beaches which you can reach quickly and easily, without the hassle of ships. You can just take the car, bus or train and choose a place to relax and enjoy your vacations!

In Evia you can make cheap vacations without any limitations! If you choose to travel in the summer, then you can swim in some of the most beautiful beaches of Greece in both the Aegean and the Evian sea. You will find beaches, depending on your mood, some populated such as Vythouri and Petali and others solitary, like Kokkinias.

The presence of mountains and water element comes upon thousands of ways in the paths of Evia, so it is worth arranging a trip and explore them! But, if you’re tired from your errands and have choosen the Evia as a place to relax then you have made a very smart choice!

Do not miss the opportunity to enjoy the hot springs of Edipsos, considered to be one of the fullest of therapeutic ingredients and of the most effective worldwide. On your trip to Evia, you must be guided in at least one of the many archaeological museums in the area, since there are findings you will not have a chance to see anywhere else!

Furthermore, in Evia you will find a variety of seaside taverns with fresh fish and good prices, as well as many restaurants to choose from!

Evia is undoubtedly the ideal choice for a beautiful weekend, which, in addition to exploration and relaxation, it guarantees you a lot of fun, because Halkida as well as the seaside villages have many options for unforgettable evenings on your vacations.