A Different Nafplio

Nafplio is not just about Palamidi or Bourtzi. It’s not just about bars or cafeterias. Nafplio is the place that tells the natives apart when the tourists are not around. In other words, never, because Nafplio challenges you to visit it any season of the year.
Even in summer, there are moments when Nafplio has an undisputed sweetness for its permanent citizens. In August for example, a Wednesday noon, when every shop is closed and the tourists are lost in a beach or sleeping, you walk in an old town, and it makes you believe that you live in another era. It is you, the old beautiful mansions, your steps on the backstreet and the sun. Where do you go then? But of course, in the place where the native Nafplian goes out to eat.

Food in Nauplio
Restaurants in Nafplio, you can find many. If you’ re native though, you will want to go to eat in the old Nafplio, near the Saint Nickolas church, in “Alaloum”. It’s a clean, beautiful restaurant with delicious meals in rich portions (these people never stint in anything) and perfect service.
If you want a traditional kitchen, the best in Nauplio is “Noulis”. It offers greek food and flambé rooster with noodles like you’ ve never eaten before. Also, Noulis, being a tavern, has the best tyrokafteri cheese salad you can ever imagine.
Nearby Noulis there is also the raki tavern “Imarton”. It is owned by two nice kids named Dimitris and Georgia.

For breakfast, without discussion, you must defiantly go for crepes in Sokaki. Sokaki is a bar – creperie, in Syntagmatos Plateau. Aside from crepes which can make you forget your own name, it is blessed with fine decoration and aesthetics. Basically Sokaki is for all hours of the day. Nevertheless, it’s crepes are so big and filling, they make for a perfect dinner.
For roasts, you just have to take a half-hour walk from Nauplio, to Ligourio

Fun in Nafplio
Not to forget, living in Nafplio, gives you the chance to go to Epidaurus when there is a play on. Otherwise, Nafplio is full of cafeterias and bars which stay loud until the morning.
If you follow strictly a fun schedule like this though, you will propably not be able to see Nafplio as its people do.
You can live the real Nafplio through wonderful walks in the old city at night.

In the morning, if you remember that you want to buy a nice handbag for a long time, that is different and one of its own, you can just take a walk in the old Nafplio’s stores. You are sure to get impressed by the taste of the salesmen in clothing. Don’t forget to visit the store that works in the folklore museum of Nafplio in Sofroni street. You will definitely get some good ideas about gifts in very low prices.

Don’t resist the temptation to take the boat and go for a ride around Bourtzi. It is worth it. Also you are defiantly going up to Palamidi, either using stairs or a car. For a short excursion, You can go to Porto Heli or Tolo

Beaches in Nafplio

The largest beach in Nafplio is Karathona. But, we would recommend you to go down to Arvanitia by foot. Don’t go with the crowd. Go with the few Nafplians who go down the path to Arvanitia in the morning to enjoy the clear diamond–like water of the beautiful beach. A few steps on the coarse pebbles and then you sink in absolute beauty having the rocks, and Palamidi above you.

Sightseeing in Nafplio
If you have never visited the jail of Kolokotronis and the church of Saint Spiridonas where Kapodistrias was murdered, do it! In-between crepes and night revel, It is worth seeing the Nafplio of your heart. If you are lucky, you might even make friends with a native Nafplian, and have a cup of coffee at their place. One thing is for sure. The people were, and remain genteel.