Restaurants and Beaches in Chalkis

RESTAURANTS IN CHALKIS On the Bridge of Chalkis lays all the good life in the city: Innumerable fish restaurants, cafes and bars overlooking the Evian Gulf. Don’t just stick to … Read more

Sightseeing in Chalkis

The tide of Chalkis Perhaps the most impressive thing that you can see in Chalkis, is the ebb and the tide. Particularly in Liani Ammos were the water is very … Read more

Chalcis in Evia

Chalcis. Chalkis, an “island” in Evia with road access In the island, you can experience beaches with sand and pebbles, ouzo restaurants, endless walks, friendly atmosphere and it is only one … Read more

Accommodation in Sifnos – Hotels

Accommodation in Sifnos  Hotels The “Elies Resort Sifnos” is located in the center of town. The “Elies Resort Sifnos” offers laundry and room with TV. The hotel offers unique 5-star facilities and … Read more

Sifnos Restaurants

Sifnos Restaurants The signature restaurant of the island is “Magganas” in Artemonas. Officially, the restaurant is called “To Liotrivi” but we all know it as the tavern of  Magganas which … Read more

Sifnos Sightseeing

SIFNOS SIGHTS The entire Sifnos is an attraction. Wherever you turn your eyes, it sweetens your soul by its natural and architectural beauty. The people here have not only built … Read more

Sifnos of Cyclades

Sifnos of Cyclades Sifnos is a true delight for all the senses. When you’re in love, you must go to Sifnos. If your vacation is oly for a few days, … Read more