Sightseeing in Chalkis

The tide of Chalkis

Perhaps the most impressive thing that you can see in Chalkis, is the ebb and the tide. Particularly in Liani Ammos were the water is very shallow, you will be able to see, in the morning, the sea being pulled from inside. Six hours from inside, six hours from outside and 10 minutes when it stays still. Many people gather here every day.

Bridge of Chalcis

Chalkis is a city divided in two by a bridge. At night, you can chill here to gaze at the ships waiting competent to open the bridge to cross. From cruise ships, to large warships. How long does it take for them to pass? This depends on the tide. How long will you stay there? This depends on the good company.

Karababa Castle

Crossing the Bridge, you find yourself in the Karababa region (the ancient Kanithos). Although it is in Central Greece, it belongs to the Municipality of Chalkis. The Castle Karababa is Venetian, but there are parts of the ancient city of Kanithos. In the Castle, the City organizes various events (plays, concerts chairs) every weekend from July to September, sometimes with and sometimes without a ticket. Whoever comes early, sits in a chair, and the rest on a stone. Inside the castle there is the chapel of Prophet Elias. It does not work regularly, but only for a wedding or christening.

Churches In Chalcis

From the courtyard of Mesa Panagitsa, you face a spectacular view: all Chalcis, the Old Bridge, and the Red House. The church is very old (11th 12th century), dedicated to the Assumption. There is also Ekso Panagitsa, out of Chalcis, on the road to Artaki.

On Sunday, you can watch the liturgy in another magnificent church, Notre Lagkadiotissa (celebrating September 7), amidst trees on a hill. The refugees have built it from the glens of Mikra Asia. The area has many refugees from Mikra Asia. So does New Artaki (It is known that Artaki was in Mikra Asia).

In the inside parallel way from the beach where cars are allowed, there is the Church of St. Nicholas, the metropolis of Chalcis. It’s a very old, beautiful church with old wooden temples. As we walk on the new bridge, on the right is the harbor and on the left is the Great Church of Agia Paraskevi, built over the ancient temple of Artemis. The Ionic columns are those that existed in the ancient temple. Inside, the walls are made of stone, without paintings. It’s a simple situation, good breeze, huge space. You get lost among the crowd and concentrate. Your help is Agia Paraskevi, the patron saint of Chalkis. On July 26, when the city celebrates, it is a public holiday.

The area has many monasteries. Outside Chalcis there is St. George chariot. He is named after an inscription behind the altar and says the date of its foundation (in Greek numbering system with letters, “chariot” means 1100).