Sifnos Restaurants

Sifnos Restaurants

The signature restaurant of the island is “Magganas” in Artemonas. Officially, the restaurant is called “To Liotrivi” but we all know it as the tavern of  Magganas which is the nickname of the owner (his real surname is Georgoulis). Here you can order chickpea of Sifnos .

For an appetizer, you can ask to apply cooked caper leaves on your bread. You may find it too much when they recommend you to try chickpea soup of Sifnos, so  I’m warning you not to miss it. It’s not like the chickpeas of Sifnos are themselves something else. What really makes the chickpea soup a “delight” is the way it is cooked.

They put the chickpeas in a round clay pot with handles with water. Then they add oil and chopped onion. Afterwards, they cover the crock pot with lid and put it on Saturday night to cook all night in a stone oven in the house, on branches. On Sunday, after church,  they return home to eat the chickpea soup for breakfast. Who gives a damn about crepes? The Sifneans are always blessed with a smile on their faces and this is not due to cereals. The Sifnean women insist on making the Sunday morning special with a traditional flavor that honors the great taste of their mother and their grandmother.

Incidentally, there are some treats, you will not find in the taverns and pastry shops of the island. So it is worth to get to know some local housewife, to get treated in her home the sweet pumpkin pie “Loli”, which they make with raisins.

In the pastry shops of the island get in and get almonds of Sifnos, buns (all year) and great cookies and biscuits

Another thing worth to buy for your home is manoura. The manoura of Sifnos is a very stiff cheese that matures in gyli, the dregs of wine in the barrel. The flavor of this cheese is really special. Also, the manoura does not require refrigeration.

If you find yourself on the island in Easter, don’t you dare ask for lamb on the spit. Here nobody roasts on the spit. The Sifneans get the lamb or goat, put it in a clay oval pot with handles. At the bottom they have paved vine branches. They cast a lot of dill, dry white wine, salt and pepper. They put it in a stone oven in the afternoon of Holy Saturday and finaly eat it after the… Resurrection!

The island is a genuine place, from the depth to what appears external. Nothing is fake. Neither is its art. For example, the ceramics of Sifnos are rightfully renowned, not only because they are beautiful, but because they are wisely made for people who use them. The potters primarily make pots that housewives use to make excellent chickpea soups. It is worth visiting at least one pottery in Vathi, Platys Gialos, Artemonas, Apolonia or Kamares.

Entertainment in Sifnos

All the night life in Sifnos is in Apolonia. The bars are all gathered in an alley. Also, all the tourist shops located there. However, if you make acquaintance with a local, it would be better to drink your gin tonic sitting outside the house under the sun