Restaurants and Beaches in Chalkis


On the Bridge of Chalkis lays all the good life in the city: Innumerable fish restaurants, cafes and bars overlooking the Evian Gulf. Don’t just stick to the traditional grilled octopus to eat. You also ought to try the fried fry (baby squid delights). To tell you the truth, at first I was wondering why it is allowed to fish squids that young, but since they were already fished, I left ecological consciousness aside and started enjoying their awesome taste.

Down the Papathanassiou beach there is the “Il Vendo” cafe with 10 umbrellas. Beside it there is the ouzo restaurant “Il Faro” and two others on the right, the “Apanemo” and “Thalami”. Further are the grill “O koulis”, the ouzo restaurant “Elaia” (formerly “Sardela”) and next to it, another ouzo restaurant named “The Dish”.

After the Bridge, you are going to encounter many other centers heading to Agios Minas.


In Chalkis you don’t need to pay for a ticket even on the most organized beaches (There are no beaches that belong to EOT). The first beach you encounter, entering Chalkis from Athens, is Liana Ammos with fine sand and shallow water. Besides swimming, you can play golf and tennis in the nearby fields.

A ten-minute walk from there is also located the Papathanassiou beach. You have now arrived in the city center and one of the most beautiful areas. If you make it, you can get one of the six umbrellas that were placed by the City. Here, you can swim with view of the lighthouse. From the outside, the beach is filled with gravel and rocks. A little further inside, there is sand.

Walking to central Chalkis, you encounter 2-3 paved squares with stairs leading down to the beach if you want to swim. Next to it, in the next bay, Sikies, a beach with sand, is located. Beside it, is Kouredi, blessed with sand, inside and outside of it

Crossing the Bridge, we encounter Agios Minas beach and Drosia. Drosia of Evia does not belong to chalkis. Crossing the bridge, we have reached the end of the city even though we didn’t notice.

Continuing our ride, we encounter Loukisia and then Alykes. Alykes is not a natural beach. It has been created artificially by shifting sand. Here are located many centers. All the population ofAthens is gathered here. Bouka is the largest most organizedbeach ofChalcis with fine pebbles. Here you find sunbeds, beach volley, restaurants and cafes.