Smells already summer in Rhodes.

Rhodes is one of the biggest islands in greece. It is said to be the island of Knights because of it’s history and has developed a strong civilization over the … Read more

The Acropolis of Lindos

There’s no way you get to Rhodes and not go to see the ”alternative” Acropolis in Lindos. By the time you arrive at the top of the hill Acropolis stands … Read more

Seven springs

Today, let me take you to a magic place in Rhodes… It’s a place that will remind you a fairytale because as soon as you get there, you are going … Read more

The valley of the butterflies

Today as we were walking up and down in beautifull Rhodes we desided to take you for a walk into the valley of butterflies. The valley is located 20 km … Read more

Colossus of Rhodes

Colossus of Rhodes – Rhodes Rhodos Rodos It would be insulting if the first article of sightseeings wouldn’t refer to the Collosus of Rhodes and that’s because that magnificent statue … Read more

Monastery Of Filerimos

A place worth making a day trip is the monastery Filerimos. Located in the northwest part of Rhodes in the position of the acropolis of ancient Ialyssos. There you can … Read more

The Palace of the Grand Master

The Palace of the Grand Master The Palace of the Grand Master of the Knights or Castello is standing proud in the northwestern part of the medieval city of Rhodes … Read more

Archaeological Museum Of Rhodes

Ι’m pretty sure you loved epta piges (seven springs) in the previous article, (besides its nature, who wouldn’t love nature?), but now it’s time to return to the town of … Read more