Smells already summer in Rhodes.

Rhodes is one of the biggest islands in greece. It is said to be the island of Knights because of it’s history and has developed a strong civilization over the years. As we know from history the island Rhodes has been the capital of the medieval aristocracy.

The Medieval Town of Rhodes is the result of different architectures belonging to various historic eras, predominantly those of the Knights of St. John. As a result of the large variety of different people who settled on the island there are many impressive and magnificent monuments that are worth visiting. Let’s start our journey to a magic destination. The island of Rhodes!!!

I Hope the photos below are going to make you look forward for the articles of the monuments and give you a taste of rhodes. Every island in greece one way or another is full of sun, and wonderfull smell of the sea breeze mixed with a saltness tha will never leave from your lips once you taste it…