Monastery Of Filerimos

A place worth making a day trip is the monastery Filerimos. Located in the northwest part of Rhodes in the position of the acropolis of ancient Ialyssos. There you can reach either by car or package with a travel agency that undertakes this kind of excursions.

The route will amaze you!! To get there by car you follow the road that has direction to the airport. After you see the amazing beach ‘Iksia’ you know you are going the rihgt way! continue driving and check if the sea is at your right sight, as it should be.

When you reach Ialyssos turn left at the junction you ll see and then follow the road to the acropolis of the Ancient Ialyssos, Filerimos. The route is quite adventurous (mostly because of the turns) and very very ‘green’ with pines everywhere you lay your eye on. The monastery is dedicated to Virgin Mary the Life-Giving Source (Zoodochos Pighi) and its architecture is much different than the usual monasteries in Greece. It was constructed of stone in a Gothic style, on the site of an older Byzantine monastery.

The monastery was built in the 15th century by the Knights of Saint John, who had conquered the island that time. Inside, there was exist the holy icon of the Virgin Mary that the Knights had probably brought to Rhodes from Jerusalem. When the Ottomans conquered the island in 1523, the Knights left and took the icon with them. After floating in many countries (Italy, Malta, France and Russia), this icon is today hosted in the National Museum of Montenegro. In the region around the monastery, there are the ruins of a baptistery in the shape of a cross, the remains of Ancient Ialysos and an underground church of Saint George that dates from the 14th century AD. From Filerimos Monastery also starts the path to Golgothas.

On top of this path, up on a hill with amazing view, there is a huge cross. It is possible to get into that huge (18 metres) cross and walk in. On the one side of the path, there are engravings that represent the Passion of the Christ. Filerimos is also known for its amazing natural paths. Actually Filerimos is filled with paths. The main ones are mentioned below: the path that leads to the old chapel of Prophet Elias, the old path and the path to the Doric Fountain. The paths are still existing nowadays, but not in such good condition. Mostly the one that drives to the Doric Fountain is completely neglected especially in the