The valley of the butterflies

Today as we were walking up and down in beautifull Rhodes we desided to take you for a walk into the valley of butterflies. The valley is located 20 km from the airport of Rhodes, and is near by the Village Kalamonas.

The place is called Petaloudes (Butterflies) and it’s an uphill valley with lush vegetation, wooden bridges, stone steps that is being crossed by the small river Pelican. Here many butterflies, including several protected species such as Panaxia quadripunctaria found shelter. The butterflies come from 15 June to mate and leave on 30 September, attracted by the plant ”zitia”, or ”storakas”.

As mentioned by the writer and poet Theofanis Bogiannos there isnt any part of greece like this place so beautiful, so blessed, with so much vegetation, color, so winged souls, so many human souls, so much cool singing cicadas, so much joy to people’s faces.

Besides the beauty of nature, butterflies in recent years have fallen dramatically. This is because many tourists want to see them fly so they whistle or clap their hands. The only thing that they manage to do with this way is to create ultrasounds that scares the butterlies away or even lead them to death. So, butterflies would be gratefull if you were as quiet as possible during your visit. That way they will please you with many flights, different colors and the hapiness a butterfly (as an alive spirit) can give to your soul.
In the days of summer the temperatures within the park remain low, which is why guests prefer to wander. The paths and bridges lead to the monastery of Panagia Kalopetra, built in 1782 by Prince Alexander Ypsilanti Moldowallachia of the ruins of an earlier monastery. There is also Museum in the entrance where visitors discover the secrets of the unique ecosystem. In the middle there are tourist souvenir shops and canteen, with refreshments and various edibles.

Im sure that our pictures will give you a little bit of taste! But just a little bit so dont miss to see that miracle with your own eyes and dont forget!!!

SILENCE…. Let the spirits whisper in your ears……..