The Aquarium of the town of Rhodes.

The Aquarium of the town of Rhodes.

For our friends who love sea life and would love to be lost in a blue magic world for a little time the perfect place to be is the Aquarium in Rhodes! By the time you got there two statues of mermaids are there to welcome you and prepare you to feel the spirit of the sea creatures. Go down the stairs and enjoy yourself.

The building was constructed during the Italian domination of the island, in the years 1934-1936. From 1937 it was called «Reale Instituto di Ricerche Biologiche di Rodi», which means “Royal Research Institute of (Marine) Biology of Rhodes”. Since 1963 works as Aquarium – Museum called Hydrobiological Station of Rhodes operates as a standard research unit in the Mediterranean, and conducts research projects covering the full spectrum of Oceanography in the region of the Dodecanese. The building has been listed by the Greek State as historic building with conservation status.

Apart from research unit Aquarium serves as a showroom as in its purposes include the preservation and promotion of stuffed and live exhibits of marine Mediterranean area. Specificaly there are 28 tanks with living organisms. They all have adequate filters and monitoring system that check physical and chemical parameters of water.

The nearly 200,000 visitors a year can admire in the basement of the building, the wealth of marine life. In the three rooms of the aquarium you can see anthozoa, molluscs, gastropods, crabs, sea urchins, cephalopods and marine turtles and great is the atmosphere created by the interior decoration, stone walls and low lighting. Extra interest is the collection housed on the ground floor and includes stuffed Aquarium marine mammals and large fish, shellfish, corals, and oceanographic instruments. There’s also a very interesting video you can watch in the first room that contrasts characteristics of people(lazyness, naughtness) with scenes from the life of fish. Maybe this way it makes as feel as we really are. Equal to every other organism that walks (or swims) on earth and get us think less selfish.

The Aquarium of Rhodes is open daily from April 1 – October 31: 9:00 to 20:30 and from November 1 – March 31: 9:00 to 16:30. The general price of the tickt is about 5 euros.