Myrtos Ierapetras

Myrtos Ierapetras

Myrtos Ierapetras. County of Lasithi, Crete. Libyan Sea. When it catches up in Myrtos, of south Ierapetra, you know where the heat comes from. Leave at 12 o’ clock at noon from Piraeus and at 6 am, you arrive in Heraklion of Crete. This service costs cheaper. If you leave at 9.30 to 10 pm, once again you will arrive at 6 o’clock in the morning, but you willalso need a cabin.


Myrtos is just a ten minutes drive from Ierapetra, a town that has everything. It has Europe inside it and a view towards Libya.

In Myrtos, except from Greeks make their vacations Dutch and secondly, Germans. Cretans are very hospitable people and especially Mirtos proves it. Once, a German was taught firsthand in this village about the deeper meaning of Greek hospitality. Since he liked this village so much, he would come every summer and the Myrtans would feed him, treat him and generally accommodate him, with all their heart.

Their heart wanted to forget what evils these people had done on the island during the war. Once, the German told a local that this hospitality was caused by obsequiousness. Because it was night, and because the Cretans are hospitable people, they didn’t immediately throw him out. They did, the next morning. That way, the German learned about Cretan pride.

In Myrtos, there are many restaurants with fine Greek cuisine. Ask to try vrouvopitakia (which, as you understand, are made by vrouves) and grape leaves stuffed with kolokuthanthous (pumpkin blossoms), two delicious traditional Cretan dishes.

The beach in Myrtos can have sand, pebbles or both depending on the year. It depends on the latest air blow that shapes the beach differently each time.