Food and restaurants in Myrtos of Ierapetra


In Myrtos Village in Crete, there are many restaurants with fine Greek cuisine. Ask to try vrouvopitakia (Pies, made by vrouves) and stuffed grape leaves with kolokythanthous (pumpkin blossoms), two delicious traditional Cretan dishes.


A good idea is to sit in one of the coastal restaurants with a perspective to swim. In such a case, all you have to do is sit on a deck chair on the beach (which you do not need to pay) and order to be served right next to the sea.

Tavern, Karavostasi

The best restaurant for a service such as this is “Karavostasi”, a peculiar outdoor eatery. “Karavostasi” is the official name. It has delicious treats, local meat and fresh fish. The main feature of the restaurant is the beautiful decoration with stones, that the shopkeeper has collected from the sea and composed them in various sculptures and constructions, which though, he prohibits to photograph.

John Sklavakis has created a “castle” made of constructions  ̵  huge stones of the sea, which he has pierced and placed one above the other (he has even built stone tables) at various points over the sea creating a unique scenery with a very interesting style. It give you the feeling that you dine or enjoy your coffee in an art room. Apart from the aesthetics though, “Karavostasi” is one of the cleanest, perhaps the cleanest restaurant in Myrtos of Ierapetra. All products used are organic, even the coffee!

But, be thoughtful on your order: Keep in mind that all the dishes served in “Karavostasi” are huge. And everything is crafted with sophisticated decor to enjoy not only eating but also seeing them! Apart from the nice food, “Karavostasi” has the best, genuine Cretan treats accompanying raki: raw chickpeas, softened in salt water. Another specialtiy (big hit) is the octopus in wine. Now that Popi, his sister, closed this year her own tavern, she is doing great things in ‘Karavostasi”. So, her old customers come here for “kleftiko” and “lamb with eggplant.”

Another surprise waiting for you in “Karavostasi”: ‘John, the owner, is self-taught playing the bouzouki and baglama with a talent for writing lyrics and singing. He has knowledge of quality and a large variety of unique traditional rebetika, as well as classical music.


“Canova” in the Myrtos (also spelled as Mirtos) beach, is owned Italians, with authentic Italian cuisine. They make the pastas by themselves. Here all Italian dishes like spaghetti, penne, cannelloni, salads and of course, pizzas are worth it.

Tis Koulas

Another pizzeria next to the sea is formerly known as “Malathraki” and now as “Tis Koulas.” Here you can find not only pizza, but also souvlaki. The pizzas though have certainly nothing to do with the Italian Canova. Here are the classic Greek ones.

Tavern of “Kladou”

In the coastal tavern of “Kladou” you will find Cretan wine and Cretan dishes with local meat: syglina (pork, prepared properly before cooking), antikristo (traditional Cretan food with meat, cooked upright on both sides of the fire).

Souvlaki place “Praxias”

The best souvlaki in Myrtos of Ierapetra is in “Praxias”. It takes a lot of to cook the food and it is nowhere near the beach, but its souvlaki is amazing.


In the nearby village named Tertsa, 5 km west from Myrtos, it is worth eating in tavern by the beach. It’s a very picturesque landscape.


A car ride to the mountain is also worth it to find a place to eat. In about 20 minutes to half an hour, you find yourself on an altitude of 1000 meters enjoying your food in a very nice tavern in Symi, Selakano, Agia Paraskevi or Male


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