An enchanting island of Sporades, ideal for offering unique and wonderful experiences to those who decide to visit. The people who choose this island as the ideal place for their summer vacations are usually looking for peace and relaxation away from the frenetic pace of the city. The serenity of the island refreshes you and places you in complete harmony with the environment and the unique flair of the island. In Alonissos There are plenty of hotels, rooms to let and camping places


Alonissos formerly known by the name Ikos, Evonymos, Liodromia or Chiliodromia has been an important passage in between seaways. It is our duty to point out that this is an island with centuries of history. Cretan settlers inhabited the island. Mycenaeans arrived in this beautiful piece of land and built forts.

The sea surrounding the island used to be a land with lakes and valleys. It lies close to Jura where during the Roman era, were built military bases and prisons. In this beautiful land, there are rich exhibits that revive before you the island’s ancient history. These artifacts can be searched at the Pirate – Historical Museum as well as the Folklore Museum. It is also worth visiting the west coast of the island. There lies the castle.

Concluding, it is reasonable for someone to wonder about the planning system of the island. The new buildings there, were built after a strong earthquake that occurred in 1965 and shook the entire island.

If you want to spend your holidays in the heart of a peaceful paradise as well as a place rich in historical events, it is worth visiting the beautiful island of Sporades.


Patitiri, the old capital of the island and the new port revives before the eyes of the visitors. Alonissos is a resort rich in tourism. There, unfold villages with beautiful beaches and lush vegetation. Undoubtedly the island is an ecological paradise with fabulous coasts. If you are lucky enough you might even get to admire the beautiful stunning seal << monachus-monachus >>.

Chora, which is now the new capital of the island, is built on a slope overlooking the harbor. It is a great place with great view, unparalleled in beauty. The view is also ideal for unique photographs that capture the wonderful moments the visitors can live… Wonderful moments to keep frozen in time.

Additionally, a magnificent sea park is there to unfold itself before you. It is a unique haven that showcases the beauty of nature. Successive natural beauties leave the tourists speechless with moments to remember.

We should not forget the beautiful, picturesque taverns that offer rich and delicious dishes. Furthermore, you can expand the fun you are having in the bars of the island, when night falls.

The beautiful, kingly Alonissos is famous for the exquisite and delectable wine and for vine growning since the ancient times.


Alonissos offers various activities for travelers who yearn to know it. Boats and cruise boats start destined for the northern and western shores of the island. Many ancient shipwrecks were found in Peristera island. Of course, not few are there the believers who come to Skatzoura. There is an old abandoned monastery of Our Lady.

We must not forget the wonderful tours that are conducted in the Cave of the Cyclops in Jura.

Direct your selves into the unknown, in a wander rich in unique, memorable experiences, discover the mysteries of the island and enjoy carefree moments across the beautiful trails of the area.