Holidays in Corfu

Holidays in Corfu

Have you ever heard that saying “Those Corfu locals are crazy “? Well, when you go to Corfu, You also get crazy. Achillio, Pontikonisi, Casino of Corfu, sunset in Pelekas … There is no man who hasn’t gone crazy with the island of the Feakes. The Easter in Corfu is blessed with a land that scents of all sorts of flowers. In the summer if you’ve got the time, Corfu has nothing but beaches.

All you have to do is catch the night ferry from Piraeus on twelve o’clock and you arrive in Corfu at half past six in the morning. Sit in the Liston square, and order Greek coffee in the cafeterias that have just opened. Without even asking for breakfast, they bring your sweet treats, croissants and ice cream. So, yes, the locals are crazy and there is nothing more awesome than that!


The main road will lead from the town ofCorfuto another must go destination: Paleokastritsa. Here you will be able to climb to the monastery of Our Lady. From Paleokastritsa, if you do not want to come back in town, you can take the good flat road, which will lead you in Pelekas. The renowned sunset of Pelekas can be enjoyed by the observatory that Kaiser has set up on the top of the hill. Pelekas is known to have everything needed for tourist organization: Restaurants, taverns, cafes, apartments.

Despite the reputation Pelekas has, the locals know very well that the dream-born sunset is owned by St Stefanos, just like in Halikouna in Korision lake and in Sidari. Especially from the scenic Love Canal.

After Kalamaki and before Acharavi, take the paved road (not the central one), going along the coast. It will lead you to Antinioti lake. This pond occasionally shelters otters. This is not suitable for swimming. But it is worth a trip on the bridge.


In Kassiopi you can descend at the port on foot and begin a ride around the castle. It is also worth to enter the castle. The view is wonderful. You can see the whole village and the strait between Corfu and Albania. In Kassiopi it is worth noting a spot called Bataria. Here was an old cannon (now you see only its base), which used to warn the population that it was entering the ship channel. If it was a merchant ship, people would gather in the harbor. If it was a pirate ship, everyone would run to hide.

While you’re nearby Kassiopi you must not forget to climb Mount Pantokrator, at 912 meters, the highest point of Corfu. If you are a sharp-witted driver you will have no problem on the road. But if your car is loaded and doesn’t seem to be able to put up easily on the hill, you should leave 500 meters before, because it is too steep a climb. You can climb up to the monastery on foot. The view from Pantokrator is amazing.

Palia Perithia

On the monastery you have view of Palia Perithia village. The only ugly thing you will meet will be the telecommunications antenna in the yard of the monastery. But, the monastery itself and the view it has, will pay you back. While leaving, it is a good chance to go and visit thevillageofPalia Perithia. Residents of coastal areas used to flee to this village to save themselves from the pirates. From here, you can see the sea while the village is not so visible from the beach. The road is relatively good, passable. In this village, your eyes will be filled with enough of the architectural beauty and abundant greenery. Here, are Stone mansions in Venetian line, abandoned in the 70s when the trend of tourism started in the shores. The fathers of some Greeks who had homes, came back and live here now in the summer. But mainly, Albanians craftsmen live here now. There are rooms and taverns where you can try the cuisine of Corfu. Everywhere you turn your gaze on in this ghost village, you see beautiful things to photograph. Apart from the mansions, and the many family churches classified as historical monuments