The lush island of Angistri

Agistri is a small island near Aegina with its own beautiful beaches, attractions and the charm of a small island far away from mass tourism.

By visiting Aegina you can easily find your selves in Angistri, which will reward you with many attractions. The island, which in ancient times was called Kekrifalia is just 5 minutes from Aegina, and is easily accessible by the port of Piraeus. It is no coincidence that it is always featured in the top destinations for day trips and weekend excursions.

Upon arriving on the island, you will notice that Angistri is a green, lush place full of pines, while the unsurpassed crystal blue water will make you feel like you are moved to another world.

Skala is the right choice if you want to get in contact with lots of people in Angistri while Chalikiada beach is for those who seek peace and tranquility during their holidays. Of course you will find many other beaches in Angistri and some of them might be ideal for you.

While most homes in Angistri are used to adopt a neoclassical style, there are areas with curved white houses reminiscent of something from the Cycladic style. The locals are renowned for their warmth and hospitality, something that you will understand in both taverns and ouzeries, where the treats come and go!

Overall, the local population is about 1,000 people, but especially during the summer the arrival of both foreign tourists and Greeks is impressive! Nevertheless, Angistri manages to remain a “paradise” and stands out from the rest of the islands in the summer that are swamped by mass tourism, while it offers a more cosmopolitan personality.

In Angistri, churches and religious sites are the ones that mostly make the sights on the island. In fact, if you love exploring and hiking, then this island is just what you need, because of its isolated beaches, narrow paths and “hidden” attractions!