Sightseeing in Corfu

Sightseeing in Corfu. Heading to the main city of Corfu, on your left, you meet Pontikonisi, a beautiful jewel of the sea. You fall in love with it on the first sight. If you come from Benitses, you may stop by the village of Perama, where the boatmen are, who can pass you across to it.

Another way to visit Pontikonisi, is to get to the main town of Corfu and head to the Kanoni region. The Kanoni settlement is perched on a hill. At the top of the rock there are actual cannons. Below you, you will be able to see the airport. It feels great to be able to watch the planes landing from such a height. From here you can also see Pontikonisi pretty well.


You can visit Pontikonisi, either before you ascent to Kanoni by car or after you ascent, by using the stairs to descent to the other side. And now let’s solve a big misunderstanding. The island near the land, is not associated with Pontikonisi, it is named Lady Blacherna. You visit her, worship her if you wish, and then get a boat to get to Pontikonisi. Otherwise, if you have swimsuits with you, you can swim all the way there (300 meters).

For the tour to see the most important sights in the town of Corfu you only need a couple of days. In principle, it is worth to visit the two strongholds, especially Palaio Frourio . Palaio Frourio of Corfu is the first thing you see in Corfu when you come by ship. Here is the greatest view! When you climb to the top, you will have all the main city of Corfu and the biggest part of the island, before your eyes. Inside Palaio Frourio is an active museum and a cafeteria. Neo Frourio does not offer such impressive view as Palaio, but even from there you can enjoy a nice view of the city.

The old town

In the old town, whichever lane you pass from, you greedily want to photograph and admire old buildings with architecture not easily met in Greece. Contextually, you think you are walking somewhere in southern Italy. Even the very streets of the old town are attractions by themselves while you are walking. What strikes you most is its many churches. As you progress you find small churches that barely get to your eye. These are family churches. Each one belongs to a different family. Those who took refuge in Corfu from mainland Greece, mainly Epirus and Sterea Ellada natives, the first things they would care to bring with them were their family icons and with them, they would set up a church.

From the Esplanade, the great Old Town Square, you are directed to St. Spyridon. Around the church of St. Spiridon unfolds the old town of Corfu. Here are many stores, most of them for tourists, and many interesting sights to see. Next to the church of St. Spyridon is the Museum of Coins. For the record, the Ionian Bank was the first bank, founded in our country and that’s even before the liberation of Greece.

Beautiful old buildings in town are the Municipal Theatre of Corfu, the old building of the Ionian University, the house of Kapodistrias and the building of the Asian Art Museum which is housed in the English Church of Michael and Georgios. It is worth a visit. The locals had ties with China since very old times. Not to mention that kumquat comes from there. Nearby is the house of Dionysios Solomos and the Byzantine Museum which is well worth a visit. By then you will already be in the old harbor in the city, or in Mouragia or Faliraki. Turn back again in the Old Corfu, to pass through two other beautiful churches, Panagia Spiliotissa, which is the Cathedral of Corfu, and St. Francis.

Mon Repos

Descending by car from Kanoni or coming from the side of the Fortress towards Kanoni, you will meet Mon Repos. In the region of Mon Repos you will follow the signs to go to a small but rare church. The church of St Jason and Sosipater must be the only church in Greece dedicated to those saints. It is a protected monument. It is also worth it because of the frescoes (Of 11th-14th century) and as a building built with ancient materials from The old town. The Saints, Jason and Sosipatros, disciples of the Apostle Paul, spread Christianity in Corfu.

Since you’re in the area of Mon Repos, make sure to visit Mon Repos himself, the Estate and the palace of the English Commissioner


Close to Benitses, you will meet Achillion. In this small palace built by Charles Wilhelm, a joy comforted Empress Sissy’s grief. The view from the gardens is truly amazing. Besides the statue of a dying Achilles, there is an alive Achilles’s statue that looks towards the town of Corfu. Is it symbolic? Also, If gambling is your own weakness, you can look the city into its eyes and forget the Casino of Corfu. Or suffice to visit the art exhibition.